“What Good Shall I Do This Year?”

So. 2014. It still finds itself largely ahead of us. Looming in the shadows. Peaking over the horizon. Floating in the cigarette smoke from that guy puffing and wheezing only two feet away from the restaurant you are about to walk into. There it is. The New Year. Or what’s left of it. Gurgling in the grumble you mutter to that guy smoking (because you sure as hell aren’t going to say anything to his face, you toughie, you). You deplore, utterly despise, the gag and smother of cigarette smoke. Or maybe you don’t.

Maybe you don’t give a hoot. And why should you? Come what may. 2014 will come and go before you know it. Heck, we’re already nearly a month in.

Most people have already given up with their resolutions. Fini. Done. Obsolete (until next New Year’s Eve). I think the average bubble “keeps” resolutions for 5-7 days or some such random number. Ha! That’s hardly enough time to get going with them.

And how ’bout those Jacks and Jills who are all like, (with fists beating the air) “I don’t make resolutions, I make REVOLUTIONS!”

Well, ¡VIVA! buddy, you just freaked us all out.

I don’t know…

Truly, I can give you a year in review at this point already (for myself) as I have spent good time visualizing, praying, begging, and lighting candles and such. As such, I’m pretty excited about what I see coming this year.

What about you, though? Did you make resolutions? Revolutions? Scaaaa…rrryyy!

Are you peaking over a horizon, or are you stammering through cigarette smoke?

Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to look like at the end of this year? Where do you want to be? What do you want to be hearing?

Or maybe you don’t give a hoot.

Shut up. Yes you do!

So, get up and ask as Ben Franklin would ask, “What good shall I do today?”

Better yet, look ahead. Scan the course of 2014 and ask an even bigger, perhaps more important question: “What good have I done this year?”

Now, make it clear. Make it colorful. Vibrant. Exciting. See it happening through your own eyes. Then put feet to it and do something about it.

I eagerly await the opportunities to share with you some of the things happening in my life as they unfold this year, and I would love to hear from you along the way.

For now, though… What else was it Ol’ Ben said?

Oh, yes.

“Prosecute the present study.” Now get going. Pump your fists in the air and ¡VIVA YOU!


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