Dec 31

13 Predictions for Publishers and Writers To Consider For 2013

holiday 2013

It’s official… The Mayans will not be making any predictions for the year 2013. Whew!  This is good news for the rest of us, because now we can make a few of our own. Disclaimer:  I did not use a … Continue reading

Dec 22

“9 Ways To Receive” EXTENDED Christmas Giveaway


UPDATED 12/29/2012 Okay friends…here we go!  I’m giving away 9 Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary items.  These could make great gifts, for someone else OR yourself. “9 Ways To Receive” EXTENDED Christmas Giveaway details and instructions are … Continue reading

Dec 07

Interview with Kaitlyn Deann, Author of The Witches’ Sleep

I am privileged to have Kaitlyn Deann, author of The Witches’s Sleep, with me today.  Recently, I met Kaitlyn through Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed following her posts and learning more about her book.  As someone who has worked … Continue reading