Staying Fresh: Keeping Authors (And Anyone Else) At The Top Of Your Game!

Staying fresh can be a trial at times.  Yet, as an author, a speaker, a mom, a dad, business owner, or student, it is imperative you remain at the top of your game.  With the constant barrage of media, world events, soccer games, meals to prepare, laundry to fold, and employees to lead – not to mention simply being tired at the end of a full day’s work – a person’s, well, “freshness” can drain quickly.

By the way…you also have a book to write! :)

With these “Staying Fresh” posts, I would like to offer a bit of hope and inspiration for those needing to maintain their “freshness”.  So read on, share if you like, and prepare to feel as fresh as a baby bunny’s fur in a Spring breeze…er…or, just enjoy the post.

I have the opportunity to speak at conventions from time to time, and those times are some of the most refreshing, fun, and rejuvenating times for me as an author and as a speaker.  Don’t get me wrong, I work hard when I’m invited to speak.  I work really hard.  I go home completely wiped!  My goal is always to bring the best presentation, mixed with just the right amount of entertainment, and brimming with quality content for those in attendance.  That’s not easy.

But there is something different about speaking at, or even just attending, a convention for me.

When I leave I  may be tired, but I am full of ideas and direction.  Even when I was 20 years younger and I was helping to run conventions and events, I still went home exhausted, but invigorated.

Here’s why…

I’m a fan.

Yep.  That’s it.

I’m a fan.  Always have been.  Always will be.

“A fan of what?”  Well…  I’m glad you asked.

I’m a fan of art.  Whether it’s a painting on the wall, a show on the stage, or a group of Cosplayers parading through a convention hall.  I’m a fan!

I’m a fan of quality entertainment.

I’m a fan of an expert in her field giving a speech she has worked for years to deliver.

I’m a fan of a dad with his kids in the toy aisle playing with pirate swords.

I’m a fan of walking trails.

I’m a fan of spooky ghost stories.

I’m a fan of real-life stories that can bring me to tears.

I’m a fan of hot tea.  I’m also a fan of coffee (oh my, I am certainly a fan of coffee) :).  Excuse me while I pour myself a cup…

Ok, I’m back.  Thanks…

I’m a fan of a good book.

I’m a fan of the author who writes the good book.

I’m a fan of the conversation I have with my friends on Twitter.

I’m a fan of Ebenezer Scrooge being welcomed to Christmas dinner by all those he was crotchety and downright mean to the whole year long.

I’m a fan of sharing and giving and laughing and of things that go “BOO!” in the night.

Can I go on…SURE I CAN!

I’m a fan of passionate people doing what they love and working hard to get it right!

(I’m especially a fan of that person who worked really hard to get that cup of coffee just right so I can sip ’til my heart’s content.)

And now back to the program…

The most recent event I spoke at was a Steampunk convention.  Now, I wouldn’t consider myself top-shelf steampunk material (and neither would anyone at that convention), but I’m a fan nonetheless.

I was surrounded by some of the most creative, hard working, entertaining, and engaging people anywhere on Planet Blue!  I constantly walked around in awe at the passion, the detail, the creativity, and the camaraderie I saw.

For the entire weekend I was in attendance, whether speaking or visiting other sessions or walking around the vendor tables, I was “eyes wide open.”  I was a fan!

To be sure, keeping my eyes wide open in wonder not only helps me see where I’m going better (and I need all the help I can get in that department) but it also helps me maintain a childlike approach to everything.

I don’t pretend to know it all, so I can still learn.  I don’t act like I’m something I’m not, so I still see opportunity to serve.  I don’t walk around thinking “I have arrived,” so I always have new places to go.

I enjoy listening to others.  I learn a lot from others.  I have a blast seeing people dress up in uber-cool costumes and walk around in character…ALL DAY!  I love seeing my children’s eyes light up when they discover something new (like the first time my oldest son saw Pikachu at a Pokemon event, or when my 5-year old first met a Storm-trooper at an Anime Convention).

I’m a fan.  First.  Then I’m whatever else I need to be in that moment.

Being a fan keeps me fresh.  Helps me stay open to new ideas and enjoy whatever experience I find myself in.  It also fosters a higher respect for those around me, and keeps me reminded of where I started out on this path.

Ultimately, I’m a fan of life.

I invite you to become a fan again.

“Of what?”

I don’t care!

If you’re a writer, be a fan of your favorite book again (trust me, it will do your readers some good).

If you’re an athlete, be a fan of the game again.  Stop training and get tickets to a little league game.  It’ll do you a world of good to watch the little guys and gals go at it.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll want to listen to 80′s music againum…sorry, I was being a fan for a moment. :)

The truth is, the most successful people are those that remain a fan of whatever it is they are doing.  They are doing precisely what they love, and they still get all bubbly inside just thinking about the opportunities that await them each and every day.

So, get out there… “eyes wide open” and enjoy what you’re doing.  Enjoy your life today.

Refresh.  Fill up again on the good stuff.

Be a fan!
D.C. McGannon

P.S. – Now go write that book! :)

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