Random Daily 4/9/2015: Gatekeepers, Questionable Activity, & #LibraryMade



Questionable Activity,

& #LibraryMade

Random Dailies are snippets of thought and observation from the past couple or few days. There are so many more. Perhaps we’ll get to those. For now, here are some.

gatekeeperThe gatekeepers have left the building. They’re gone. For good.

Do what you’re gonna’ do. Do it!

There is nobody left to tell you “No,” “You Can’t,” “Stop.”

Do what you’re gonna’ do.

Captain your own ship. Stop making excuses.

Fail. Succeed. Do it all over again.

Do it!

There is thought to be put into it. There are strategies and tactics to consider. There are small steps to take. All of this leads to bigger, more intricate and exciting opportunities.

Learn. Learn. Learn. Read. Listen. Try.

Stop looking for someone else to tell you “Yes,” “You Can,” “Go for it.”

Tell yourself. And Do It!


Leaders who can’t be questioned, do questionable things.

And fail.

Don’t be “that guy.”

Be questionable. Be accountable.

Oh my GAWD … Don’t be “that guy!”


Oooo ... you're busy! Too bad you're missing out on the good stuff.

Oooo … you’re busy!
Too bad you’re missing out on the good stuff.

It’s not really that impressive to see someone up early every morning, “hustling” –as they might call it, and being busy, busy, busy all of the time.

It is impressive to see someone maintain priorities, care for their own, do big things –even if they don’t do a thousand push-ups before 6am (see, you have to do the hard work of defining exactly what is important to measure each day).

I’ve watched the m***** f***** who gets up early, hardly sleeps, “works hard” (at much of nothing), and has everyone convinced that they are actually doing something in the world.

Fooled. People are being fooled.

Most of the time, that guy is simply repairing his bubble every day, self-preserving, and creating this glamour for everyone else to see.




I’ve also watched the hero who may or may not get up early, works hard, but also stops when he needs to in order to be with his kids, hug his wife, slow down, take a nap, and closes that frickin’ laptop! I’ve seen this guy be transparent, protect those close, sacrifice his own needs and desires and reputation (if necessary — don’t be a martyr!), has no trouble admitting fault, learns constantly, and sips a really strong drink from time to time.

Ain’t nobody’s fool (as the ’80s hairband song goes …).

Stop “hustling.” We don’t even know what that really means anymore. Too watered down and sensationalized.

Live a significant life. Burst out of the gate strong, and fast, but also know when you gotta’ trot. Believe me, nobody’s really being fooled.


Whatcha’ reading today?

Do you know that reading turns on a part of the brain that is not engaged when, say, you’re watching a video, having a conversation, or doing just about anything else?

Well, it does.

Whatcha’ reading today?

National Library Week

National Library Week, April 12-18, 2015 … make it happen!

Speaking of reading …

Next week is National Library Week #LibraryMade! Check out the link here to learn more about how to involve yourself with some pretty cool stuff.

Support libraries! Support Libraries! SUPPORT LIBRARIES! hehe … no really!


Until next time,

Buy more Sharpies! Use more Post-It notes! (And, no, I didn’t get paid for that, sadly.)

Do something significant!






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