Random Daily 3/31/2015: If You’re Sexy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

If You’re Sexy

And You Know It,

Clap Your Hands!

Random Dailies are snippets of thought and observation from the past couple or few days. There are so many more. Perhaps we’ll get to those. For now, here are some.

A quote I found at a café tonight.

A quote I found at a café tonight.

Each and every one of us needs to feel sexy from time to time. And if we’re not feeling sexy, we, at least, need to be feeling good!

Truth be told: neither is going to happen all of the time, and for many – not even some of the time … unfortunately. But we should. As much as possible. Feel sexy. Or, at least, feel good about ourselves.

Here’s the deal: If you’re sexy and you know it … Clap your hands! Go ahead, let the world know. (And if someone asks you why your clapping your hands, well, tell them!)

If you don’t know it … if you don’t feel sexy … if you don’t even feel good …

Go do something you love, or that you’ve been meaning to do, or whatever might help you feel a little bit better right now. If you can, do something that makes you feel like singing *sing with me now* “I’m … too sexy for …”

What is it you want to feel “too sexy for …” right now? What can help you get there?

  • A good drink and a great conversation with a friend?
  • Exercise?
  • Plant something?
  • Plugging in the guitar and jamming until your fingers bleed?
  • Wearing that super-hot, red top you’ve shoved to the back of your closet?
  • New hair? Those jeans? That pair of shoes?
  • Moving the furniture out of the way, turning up the stereo, and dancing ’til your heart’s content?
  • Making out with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend … right now … passionately?
  • Meticulously preparing for yourself a fantastic cup of tea?
  • Creating a vision wall / board?
  • Playing with your kids?
  • Surprising her with a romantic, candle-lit dinner and an evening centered on her … or him?
  • Date night? And getting all dolled up / dressed up for it?
  • Art?
  • Wine?
  • Chocolate?
  • All three of the previous, combined?!
  • A night out with the guys / gals? Make it a night worth remembering!
  • Evening stroll on the beach / boardwalk / through the city?

What is it? What would help you to feel great (within legal / ethical / moral reason here, folks, let’s keep it real) right now?

What is it that will make you “Clap Your Hands” because you feel so damn sexy? Well, make it happen! You’re worth it. Even if you feel a little bit better, go ahead and clap your hands!

And for those already feelin’ it … help someone else get there.


A picture I took last year. These are seeds ready to take flight!

A picture I took last year. These are seeds ready to take flight!

Where will the wind take me today? Sometimes I think we need to be prepared that the wind will blow and we will need to ride it out. Most of the time, we will need to navigate our direction in the wind. Sometimes, though, just ride it out.

When the wind calms, always be ready to root and grow!


Reading this tonight made me say, “YES!”

Quote from Seth Godin:

“Media voices, politicians and others that create panic for a living need to own responsibility for the way their actions dramatically magnify the cost we all pay.”

Check out the full post titled, “The Panic Tax” here. Worth the read (then again, so is most everything he writes).


booksphoenixcafeRead more, listen more, create more.

I think it would do us all more good.


Rock On You Sexy Beast!







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