Random Daily 3/20/2015: Triple-decker Cosmic Supershows, Being in “The Flow”, and Llamas on Highways

Triple-decker Cosmic Supershows,

Being in “The Flow”,

and Llamas on Highways

Random Dailies are snippets of thought and observation from the past couple or few days. There are so many more. Perhaps we’ll get to those. For now, here are some.

Random, squinty-eyed Llama. Keep reading. You'll understand.

Random, squinty-eyed Llama. Keep reading. You’ll understand.

Spring has measured its release upon us, and it is glorious! Though I’m much more of an Autumn / Winter type of guy, I understand and fully appreciate and enjoy the sheer power and impact of what this season brings. Let it be so!

Wow — the whole vernal equinox / solar eclipse / supermoon event this week! We were blessed to be alive for this triple-decker, cosmic supershow. The energy from it all … Awesome!


You know what I find strange? Llamas. Llamas on the side of the highway even more. Every trip I make through the northern part of my state, there is a Llama in a small, fenced-in area, feeding next to the highway. It is so random, and I think it’s cool, but strange. What could it mean? What bizarre ritual requirement is this Llama fulfilling for someone? One day I will stop and take a photo with the Llama, and hopefully he won’t chew on me.


memefranklloyedwrightI am excited to see the success of local entrepreneurs and the passion and creativity they are bringing to the local, national, and global marketplaces. Keep bringing it!

Equally sad to witness the slow demise of some local shops due to poorly exercised leadership, management … and simply having no vision or strategy. Blah! Get your head out of your asses, realize you are needed, and we need for you to succeed.


I love the things that burst forth from the imagination of my 7-year old son! It is a treat and a joy each day to hear him, see him — and experience the joy, love, and purity of his world throughout our days together. His mind is full; his heart, even more so. The strength of his thoughts, and his compassion toward creation, are stunning examples of everything I long to be in this world.

I learn so much from my children (and from Llamas feeding on the side of highways).


You know … if you’re just going to sit around and bash people, well … shut up. I don’t want to hear it (and neither does anyone else). I heard so much whining and complaining about other people this week and thought I could do with a lot less of it. Bleh.

“Tea is good.” -A proverb that I am reminded of daily. Who said it? Well, I did (and probably someone else did too).

There is a robust science that emerges, a cosmic-sized wealth of physiological responses, and a host of creative fires that rage when we find ourselves in “the zone” or “the flow” or “the magic” – or whatever you want to call it. To my creative friends out there: get in that place more often and let’s see the sparks fly!


My heart was heavy earlier this week when I learned of a former co-worker whose mother passed. Last year her baby girl passed away also. It is impossible to grasp the depth and weight of her sorrow. I pray for her and her family. Sometimes I can’t wrap my mind around what some are going through. I have no other response, but to pray, and to hope, on their behalf.

liondescendingroarThe lion emerges, fierce.

Teeth bared.

Careful now…



Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea I shared with a friend earlier this week. A delightful cup, on a chilly evening.

Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea I shared with a friend earlier this week. A delightful cup, on a chilly evening.

Okay, back to more writing and editing … this short-story collection isn’t going to finish itself, and there are a lot of people waiting for it.

Until we meet again,

Love one another, play hard, and do something that will amaze us all!





P.S. - It’s why it’s called ‘Random’ Daily.

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