Jul 06

Guest Post by Author C. Michael McGannon – Yokai Profile: Kamaitachi


Konnichiwa! Michael, here. Next weekend, DC and I (a.k.a. The Monster Guys) will be returning one of our quickly-becoming-favorite places on earth, Wichita, Kansas, for the 9th year of Anime Festival of Wichita. We are super excited to be going … Continue reading

Jul 06

Authors D.C. & Michael McGannon to be Guests/Panelists at Anime Festival Wichita 9


Anime Festival of Wichita 9 will be held July 12-14, 2013 and will host an exciting lineup of voice actors, guests, and panelists. Authors D.C. & Michael McGannon (a.k.a. The Monster Guys) will be in attendance as guests and panelists … Continue reading

Jan 08

An Interview With Julia Hughes, Author of The Griffin Cryer

the Griffin Cryer (2)

Last month while the world was holding it’s breath in anticipation of the forthcoming “end of the world” that was to take place either on 12/12/12 or 12/21/12, depending on which calendar or people group you were listening to at … Continue reading

Dec 31

13 Predictions for Publishers and Writers To Consider For 2013

holiday 2013

It’s official… The Mayans will not be making any predictions for the year 2013. Whew!  This is good news for the rest of us, because now we can make a few of our own. Disclaimer:  I did not use a … Continue reading