Not Like The Snow – A Poem of Prayer and Remembrance

Yesterday I observed a day of silence from online media in prayer and remembrance for the precious lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy this week in Newtown, Connecticut, and for all those who are grieving.  Today I will share something I wrote in the shadow of this horrible evil.

A couple of thoughts before I do, though.

My wife and two boys. I am blessed and am thankful for these blessings!

I read one person pose a question, “…why does it take a tragedy to make you realize that you need to spend more time with your family?”  Well, it doesn’t.  Not for me, at least.  I spend every moment I can with my family and a lot of other things have suffered in my life because of it.  And I’m O.K. with that.

There has not been a day go by that I am not supremely aware of the gifts of my wife and my two boys.

The morning of the shooting in Connecticut (before anything had happened), I had taken a picture of my 5 year old sleeping because he just looked so beautiful laying there peacefully.  I just sat there for a few minutes watching him and thanking God for the precious gift that he is.

Each of us in my family readily admits just how blessed we are to have each other and to be in the place we are in our lives.  Events like what we have witnessed only serve to deepen this appreciation and our gratitude.

It doesn’t take a tragedy for me to appreciate just how blessed I am, but I will say that this event really impacted me deeply.  Every time I hear of something like this, I am deeply affected, but this time it weighed heavier on my soul, and I did nothing to attempt to hold back the emotion.

I don’t know why it hit me like this.  There is no way for me to fathom what the parents, families, and friends of those who were killed are experiencing.  It is a grief that is not meant to be understood.

Perhaps it is because of the children involved.  Perhaps it is because I am a parent of a child the same age.  Perhaps…

All I can do is pray for them.  And pray I will.  I will not forget this, and these families will be on my mind and heart for a long time yet to come.

All we can do is pray and remember.  And this is what I ask of you.  Pray and remember, for these families and loved ones have met a darkness they will not easily break through.

I claim no skill as a poet, but I share with you a bit of my thoughts from yesterday.  I only attempted to put them in the format of a poem.  This was one way for me to work through the tears I felt.

Maybe you could share a bit too.

Regardless, I pray those who have lost will be comforted, surrounded by Grace and healed by Love.

Not Like The Snow
by D.C. McGannon

Innocence has fallen, not like the snow.
A weight, heavy.  Not like the snow.
Their toys lay where they lay on this day.
Where little ones once did laugh, and smile, and play.

Why are You silent?
Oh, why are You silent?

It is not ours to know, not ours to know.
A weight, heavy.  Not ours to know.
No wisdom or comfort or words of man,
Can console, reason, or heal this sin.

Who will heal the wounded skies?
Oh, Who will heal these skies?

The echoes will not be heard, not theirs to sow.
A weight, heavy.  Not theirs to sow.
Sorrow refuses to relent.  This grief a torrent.
The future merely an echo of love that would be spent.

Who will protect the innocent?
Oh, Who will protect these innocent?

Innocence has fallen, not like the snow.
A weight heavy, not like the snow.
Light casts shadow beyond a distant door.
Remember this day and those who live,
And those who now play.  Play free forevermore.

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