It’s Been A While … Been Writing, and Stuff … New Book Out Soon!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m not the greatest at blogging and posting, especially while I’m working on a new manuscript (several to be honest).

KAOS Obsidere by DC McGannon & C. Michael McGannon. Published by Dark Waters PressMy son/coauthor @MichaelMcGannon and I have a few new releases coming out soon. The first is our new (adult) Dark Fiction / Horror short story collection titled, KAOS Obsidere. You can see the cover, which was just revealed publicly today here. It will be published by Dark Waters Press, and available officially in October. We’re trying to push for an early (surprise) release, on eBook if nothing else. We’ll see how it goes.

The book is a collection of 7 interconnected stories (3 by me, 3 by Michael, and 1 written together) which have been a long time simmering for us. I can’t wait for people to dig in. HOWEVER …

For those used to our Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunter series, THIS IS NOT an “all ages” book. It is definitely Adult Dark Fiction / Horror. One person told me today that this book should come with a warning label. It’s bound to piss some people off, but isn’t that what scary stuff does?

Regardless, it’s good to be on this side of this release, that is, waiting for it to hit the shelves. Then, we have some more news about the Monster Hunters series, and a new series by Michael.

Busy season for us!

I’ll be sharing some appearance dates for the remainder of the year, and then in 2016 we plan on being out full-time once more!



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