Interview with Kaitlyn Deann, Author of The Witches’ Sleep

I am privileged to have Kaitlyn Deann, author of The Witches’s Sleep, with me today.  Recently, I met Kaitlyn through Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed following her posts and learning more about her book.  As someone who has worked with teenagers for the majority of my professional life, I am always excited to see young talent rising to the top.  Full of energy and seemingly having a lot of fun just being Kaitlyn, she takes her gifts as a writer very seriously, and it shows.

Join me as I chat with Kaitlyn about her book, her life, and what the future holds for her.

D.C.: OK, so tell us one very interesting thing about you that most people don’t know or wouldn’t guess about you.

Kaitlyn: I don’t know! Ha ha! I put my right sock and shoe on first and then my left. Is that weird? Ha ha!

D.C.: Perhaps weird.  Maybe you’re just super organized,and the rest of us are weird. :) So, what is one thing you are worried about, or think about, or fret over everyday?

Kaitlyn: Pain, definitely. I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of the pain that comes before.

D.C.: That’s understandable.  That could also make for an interesting trait for a character in a story.  What are you reading right now and who is your favorite author?

Kaitlyn: Right now I’m reading The Selection by Kiera Cass. My favorite author is probably Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games).

D.C.: Share with us what your book, The Witches’ Sleep, is about.

Kaitlyn: A girl is shot and wakes up in a new world as a different person where she has to learn to adapt to a culture that encourages slavery, which she believes is very wrong. Will she fight against the oppression of the were-creature slaves? Or will she conform to society?

“Seventeen-year-old debut author Deann has written a political, moral and racial commentary on U.S. society in the guise of a fantasy novel…. Told in the present tense, with short, sharp uncluttered prose and dialogue, the novel contains elements of great maturity…. A remarkable, entertaining read and a useful political-awareness treatise for thinking teens.” – Kirkus Reviews

D.C.: Sounds powerful and really touching on some important issues.  I’ve read on your site that you are home-schooled.  How has that influenced or affected your writing?

Kaitlyn: I love homeschooling because it has given me the opportunity to excel in my strong points, which in this case is English and writing. I finished high school English somewhere in the very beginning of my Junior year because I was so far ahead. Ever since then, I’ve been reading books on how to perfect and tone my writing skills and how to write a novel well. Homeschooling has made it possible for me to write a good book while still in high school!

D.C.: That is very cool.  Do you have a writing process or schedule that you follow?  Tell us about it.

Kaitlyn: Yes. I use the Three-Act Structure. I blogged about it on a homeschooling website that I’m an intern for. Here’s the URL: The Writing Formula:  Three Act Structure.

D.C.: This is great!  I believe finding a process, a structure, helps with the discipline of writing as well.  This is one of the most difficult things for writers to get a handle on.  Kudos to you!  If your book was being made into a movie, who would you choose to play the leading character? Why?

Kaitlyn: You know, I have no idea. I’m way too picky when it comes to things like “casting”. Maybe Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Ruby Sparks).

D.C.: One thing I’ve noticed from your website is you are very passionate about your fans.  You have a lot of extra goodies, like the sneak peeks, and a lot of interaction with them.  How important is this for you?  How has your interaction with your fans helped your book and what do you think we can all learn from our fans?

Kaitlyn: Fans are extremely important! They are, after all, what makes one’s book popular! Without the help of my fans, my book wouldn’t have reached certain corners of the Internet or gotten into certain people’s hands. Without my fans being so encouraging, my motivation for writing my second novel wouldn’t be so strong! I love my fans, each and every one of them, because they are the reason I write books. The books are for them. Always, they are for them.

D.C.: And it is evident they love you!  You have a very faithful following from what I can tell.  What’s next for you and your readers?  What are you working on now and when do you expect it to be available?

Kaitlyn: Right now I’m working on the sequel to The Witches’ Sleep. It’s titled World of the Beasts. I’m not giving a release date yet on the second book other than it will be out before the end of 2013. Now, with that being said, it WILL NOT be available before spring 2013. So don’t think, “Oh, it’s January, World of the Beasts should be coming out!” because you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s nowhere near being that ready.

D.C.: Definitely something to look forward to!  What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Kaitlyn: Never give up. Always move forward. Grow in knowledge. Read books. Do research. Learn the writing formula. Become an author and grow out of being just a writer.

D.C.:  Good words.  Thank you for sharing.  It has been a pleasure chatting with you and we all look forward to reading more from you, Kaitlyn.  Stay in touch!

If you would like to learn more about The Witches’ Sleep, Kaitlyn Deann or her upcoming release World of the Beasts (2013), please visit some of her links below.


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