Behind This Curtain… Coming Soon!

Hello, friends!

Behind this curtain I am working on a whole lotta’ fun :).

Very soon, I will launch this new site with new articles, insights, interviews, reviews, and breaking news for those interested in anything from writing, leadership, publishing, entertainment to martial arts, family fun, and whatever else I can dream up in the corners of my mind.

Just today a new interview was posted with me and my son, C. Michael McGannon, talking about our most recent book release and what’s coming in the second release.  This interview is with E.L. Lindley, a friend and fellow author from the UK (waving to all my UK friends).  Also included are some tips for writers and some other interested one’s and zero’s.  Check it out here:  Keeping It In The Family:  Come Meet D.C. and C. Michael McGannon.

For another recent Guest post we did, check out Teen Librarian Toolbox A great site where we “interviewed” two of the characters from our books on the “set” of Book 2, slated for a late December release.

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Thanks for stopping by!
D.C. McGannon

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