Authors D.C. & Michael McGannon to be Guests/Panelists at Anime Festival Wichita 9

Anime Festival of Wichita 9 will be held July 12-14, 2013 and will host an exciting lineup of voice actors, guests, and panelists. Authors D.C. & Michael McGannon (a.k.a. The Monster Guys) will be in attendance as guests and panelists at this year’s festival.

Together they will present the all new panel titled: “Yokai: Classic, Creepy, and Outrageous Monsters of Japanese Culture” where a myriad of creatures, both¬†funny and frightening, will be presented in an interactive, humorous, and content-rich panel. As well, The Monster Guys will join forces with author Susanne Lambdin, zombie expert and author of the “Dead Hearts” novel series, to present a fun-filled panel about all things zombies and monsters.

D.C. will also present an all-new, special panel on the dangerous and pervasive issue of Bullying. This will be a must-attend for those who have been bullied, who have witnessed someone being bullied, or wish to learn more about the issue and how to respond to the act of bullying in their local communities.

As always, The Monster Guys will bring their trademark humor and “showers of gifts” with them to Wichita, Kansas.

For more information about the festival, visit!

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