“9 Ways To Receive” EXTENDED Christmas Giveaway

UPDATED 12/29/2012

Okay friends…here we go!  I’m giving away 9 Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary items.  These could make great gifts, for someone else OR yourself.

“9 Ways To Receive” EXTENDED Christmas Giveaway details and instructions are below…

There will be 9 total giveaways, all via social media sites.



Here’s how you can get your hands on one of these giveaways (only one per person, please…let’s be nice :)…

For the 5 ebook giveaways:

(Don’t leave personal info on these comments.  I will contact you and find out what version you prefer and where to send it.)

For the 3 posters…

  • The first three people to tweet “I love my #MonsterHunters poster! @DCMcGannon @MichaelMcGannon #giveaway www.MonsterHunters-TheBook.com” on Twitter receives a free poster.

For the signed Paperback book…


(Giveaway ends as soon as all 9 giveaways are announced.)

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