10 Gift Ideas For Writers

It’s the season of giving, and so here’s a list of 10 ideas for gifts to give your favorite writer.  After perusing this list, add your own ideas to share.  By the way, this list could be for others on your list as well, but writer’s should be especially appreciative of this list.  Enjoy and share!

10.  Writing Fuel (this would be coffee, chocolate, or their fuel of choice…as long as it’s legal!)

9.  Gift cards for music to listen to while writing.

8.  Really nice headphones to go with the aforementioned music gift cards. (Might want to make sure they are sturdy too, for those moments of intense frustration in writing when everything within reaching distance is thrown across the room.) :)

7.  Moleskin Notebooks (preferably for Evernote).

6. An eReader of their choice.  (Because writers read too.)

5.  Tickets to a show (Cirque Du Soleil, a concert…) or a convention (Dragon Con, Comic Con, local con…).

4.  Gift cards from their favorite bookstore.

3.  Post a review for their book online. (Something every writer lives for and looks forward to.)

2.  A cabin in the mountains. (No…not kidding!) :)

And to top off the list…

1.  Buy Their Book. (The greatest gift and compliment a writer can receive! And while you’re at it, gift it to someone else too.)

So, there you have 10 ideas for the writer in your life.  What ideas for gifts do you have?  If you are a writer, what is your dream gift this year?

Merry Christmas!

D.C. McGannon

You can also visit www.MonsterHunters-TheBook.com to learn more about D.C.’s debut YA/MG novel co-authored with his son, C. Michael McGannon.

P.S. - Here’s a bonus gift for writers:  Purchase an editing package, a manuscript critique, or arrange for a gift toward their next book cover!  Anything to help the author on your list to move their book along a little further.  What ideas do you have?

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